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Central Flying Service

Since its beginning as a Civilian Pilot Training (CPT) center in 1939, Central Flying Service (CFS) Flight Training has been meeting the training needs of pilots in all aspects of flight endeavor. Central was designated a War Pilot Training (WPT) center for countless military pilots who served valiantly during World War II. From private enthusiasts to seasoned professionals, all of the pilots who train with CFS Flight Training are part of a strong tradition—a tradition rich in excellence and reputation.

Essential Instruction

At CFS, a large fleet of single and twin engine aircraft allows students to maximize their flight time and increase their proficiency. A wide variety of training aircraft are on the flight line offering you a choice. All aircraft are standardized and maintained by CFS’s staff of highly trained maintenance technicians.

Central Flying Service

CFS Flight Training has the resources needed for private flying or to build a career as a professional aviator. With over 450,000 logged hours of flight training, CFS places a strong emphasis on decision-making skills, safety, and practical, hands-on experience. To that end, Central Flight Training in conjunction with Utah Valley State College and Pulaski Technical College also offers college degree programs. Students may work full time while earning their degrees at their own paces and on their own schedules. This unique, accredited and fully VA approved college program meets all reimbursement qualifications for tuition assistance, GI Montgomery Bill, and the Post 911 Bill.

Going Beyond High Standards

CFS Flight Training has a distinguished history of graduates representing corporate flight departments, charter departments and airlines around the world. Central’s FAA part 141 school enables all pilots to satisfy the complete requirements for an FAA license in less time than the standard route (part 61). Your introduction to our high standards is evident the first hour of instruction and continues throughout the entire CFS learning experience.

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